The Creative Force Behind Ardent Hands Designs


Jennifer Longenecker
Owner / Designer / Maker
Jennifer Longenecker founded Ardent Hands Designs as a means to keep her hands busy and nurture her creative drive while still making herself available to her family. She runs a small studio from her home where she can keep up with the daily workings of a family of 7 and uses every opportunity to teach her girls the inner workings of a creative business. Jennifer’s favorite product is the neck wrap and uses it daily to help her fall asleep. Jennifer has a weak spot for pajama bottoms from Old Navy and a love for the color olive green.


Ardent Hands Designs Production Assistant

Emily Longenecker
Artist / Maker

Emily is a skilled hand and helps with production. Emily is also a talented artist and one day we hope to be able to offer our therapy packs in fabrics that are printed with her designs. She is a night owl and doesn’t like to stay tied down to just one thing, she wants to experience lots of new things including modeling. Her favorite creative outlets are dance and nail art.


Ardent Hands Designs Production Assistant

Heather Longenecker
Shipping Assistant / Maker / Inspiration

Heather is the inspiration behind a lot of the products we offer. She is very athletic and struggles with muscle aches and headaches. She also helps during the production process and double checks orders as they are packed and shipped. She loves anything related to Star Wars and her favorite creative outlet is making helmets from cardboard.